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Vendo Coca Cola machine


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This is a 1960's era Coke machine. Produced by Vendo from 1959 - 66, it can hold most types & sizes of bottled drinks.

All parts intact.

The Vendo 56 was produced by Vendo corporation from the late 1950's to the mid 1960's. Some of the models produced were the ....

  • HA56A - Red & White
  • HA56A-A2 - Woodgrain Finish
  • HA56B - Red & White
  • HA56C - Red, White, and Woodgrain 
  • HD56A - Looks like a Wooden Door

Along with the Vendo 63, the HA56 is one of the best looking square corner bottle machines from the 60's. It is also a great machines to own since it is a glass door slant shelf vendor.

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